Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tight-Arse Tuesdays - Counter Clockwise People Spend More - Wut?

How is this article for a wealth of consumer knowledge? Basically stating all the little nasty supermarket tricks for getting you to spend more on crap you don't need. It's true - supermarkets organize their shelves by sticking it to your pocket book. It's why the candy is on child's eye level and why fruit and veg is on the left. Is it? I bet it fuckin' is.

Why? Because, apparently, it's natural human condition to drift to the right when shopping. Oddly enough, I drift to the left. Score. I save $2 per trip on average according to studies. Considering I go nearly every day, simply veering to the left saves me $730 a year. So... go left ya heathens!

When you enter a big supermarket fresh fruit and veg is the first shopping zone. Although it’s not logical to have squashable fruit and veggies as the first items to pack into your trolley, this department is deliberately located to give the supermarket a positive image of being fresh and healthy.

People who use the fresh food areas also tend to spend more money in the store overall.

By setting up different “marketplace” areas, our minds are tricked into thinking we’ve visited several different stores rather than a single big shop. Each of these areas has different lighting, floor coverings and sometimes individual counters for service (such as a deli). “It’s all about creating a market-like feel,” says Harrison. “Areas such as the bakery, apart from smelling good, give the impression the supermarket is trustworthy; it’s like they’re saying, ‘you can trust us because we make stuff ’.”

That's right folks. Ever notice that? Bet ya didn't. But look, the deli counter is so shiny and has these awesome more expensive tiles hanging around it the rest of the market... so it looks nicer and more inviting. Ignore that's where the expensive shit is, eh? I did notice yesterday that the cheese in there was $2 a kg more than the cheese outside of it, even though my husband was CONVINCED deli-cheese was cheaper. Also - chicken is $1 a kilo more in there, too. Same chicken, LESS packaging. Nice.

Basically: the word 'special' induces some idea that, hey, maybe you're not like everyone else, the market puts longer-choice-making items in less busy areas, we're a bunch of suckers and, hey look, bright colours make you like us!

Thank heavens for the tips at the bottom of the article, which I will re-iterate using my own words so I can fool you just like the supermarkets. You're buyin' it.

Take a list. You will ALWAYS buy more without one. Be specific. I accidentally put "cheese" on the list instead of specifying. Now I have 4 different exotic cheeses in my fridge besides what I normally use. I got it in the deli section. Damn.

Take a calculator. Look at price per kilo/pound. IN EVERYTHING. Funny.. how 6 rolls of toilet paper are $3... but 24 rolls are $13. Which one is ACTUALLY cheaper?

Don't shop with your spouse. They make worse decisions than you.

If you shop at a big supermarket, only do it for large trips. Smaller trips put the mindset of "While I'm here I might as well..." buy crap you don't need.

Don't buy the bigger one JUST because it says so unless you have a plan for it. If I am jarring tomato sauces, by golly I'll by the two kilos of tomatoes for $2 instead of $1.90 for 1.5kg. However, if I'm not - there's 500g more tomatoes I have no fuckin' plans for. Only buy in bulk when you know what you're gonna DO with that bulk. Otherwise - chicken food. Fuck.

Eat before you shop. You'd think this one would be a motivator. "You mean to shop my arse off, I have to eat a meal?" Why do more people not DO this? But no.. ya go hungry. Pft. An excuse to eat. Take it.

Eye-level is where your eyes are. Look lower or higher for bargains, where taller and shorter people's eyes are.

Don't buy shit at the ends of isles. It's where the rip-offs are.

Stuff that goes together is placed together to tempt you to buy. It's why the hot cocoa powder is next to the damn coffee and why the jams are near the bread. 'cause you're a sucker.

All the crap you NEED will be furthest away from you possible to entice you. Don't fall for the trap. It's the same trap women's boobs use to cause earthquakes.

Overall: Baaaa. Because I'm a sheep that's fallen for ALL of this. Shops don't WANT to sell you what's best for you or your pocket book because that's not profitable. Don't trust them. They're evil consumerist warlords bent on pilphering every last penny from your bank and leaving you with ill-made and waxed foods. Shop smartly, don't fall for their crap (YOU DA WO/MAN!) and stick it to them, saving your money for other things. Like lollies. I mean. Not like lollies.

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