Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing But An Apron - Returning Soon!

Dear Apron Strings,

As you have most likely noticed, Nothing But An Apron fell by the wayside as Kimberly and I became focused on the stresses of our life - from me getting married to her starting her own company, a few things took over and made it hard for us to schedule working together.

However, we still adore our little lovechild and want to see her flourish - so Kimberly has allowed me to use Nothing But An Apron for personal projects and food designs. Hopefully she will be willing to do a guest post now and again; but sadly, my dear readers you're stuck with me. I know, short end of the stick - but hey, it's still part of the stick.

Please hang around as I work on new projects - from chicken coop building, home ec and how to clean proper, cooking elaborate meals and the rest of the best you've come to expect from wearing Nothing But An Apron!!