Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to Our Kitchen!

If you're a reguar you may have noticed some changes around here. If you're new you may have noticed we have a real kick-ass logo and that's about it. So let me fill you in on the happenings of Nothing But An Apron.

Nothing But An Apron is owned and operated by myself, and that surprises me just as much as it does you. I am a sarcastic, tell-it-like-it-is, good-food-and-hyphen-obsessed cheeky little thing. I believe in good, real, local food making, ethical and thought-out choices about the things we consume on a daily basis and butter.

This website is a daily blog moreso than a company website. That way you can know exactly what the team is up to, get recipes, learn more about local produce and how it's grown and just in general keep up with, well, me. I prefer to keep a one on one relationship with my customers and develop lasting friendships so we can all work as a community to preserve our dying food community. That, and I can talk a lot.

However, I make sure our labels are clear and concise. You will never be surprised by an ingredient nor will you have to worry about where it came from - every last fruit and vegetable is sourced from as close to home as phsyically possible. Some of it comes from our very own vegetable patch!

I lied: one of these is technically a flower. Two are technically weeds.

Our menus change depending entirely on what is in season but you can guarantee it is the freshest possible. For the foodies that care about taste, quality and locality - you can't beat our products. Made with love, each dish is painstakingly sourced so your dining experience is not only the most ethical but tastiest it can possibly be!

We also deliver lunches to worksites and offices for special and even all occasions. Some worksites have us coming by to deliver their growing men a fantastic and healthy alternative to steak pies (which we also serve!) for their daily lunches.

Steak Pies.

We want to work around your desires so there is never a set menu. You tell us roughly what you're in the mood for and we tell you how we can accomodate those desires. Do you want something from your childhood? Do you want a twist on an old favourite? Or do you just want a few jars of local jams and pickles to be in your fridge when the fancy takes you to indulge yourself? We cater to all these needs!

We don't believe in covering up the facts - we tell it like it is. If that means saying a big 'up yours' to big commercial chains, so be it. You won't be surprised by anything in our products, which contain nothing artificial; no funny preservatives, no mysterious colourings.

Can I get away with my hair being a natural colour? Didn't think so.

We're cheeky, we're fun, we're the no-bullshit company dedicated to making your food source our #1 priority.

Call to Book your next event, dinner party or for some treats:

Elizabeth Costello
0421 9 APRON

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