Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*hic* Happy Australia Day!

In honour of Australia Day, a day celebrating my new country, I have decided to prepare some Peach Wine! Granted, I should have prepared this at least two months ago, you can never be too late with the wine.
Nothin' says bare-naked lovin' like some boozin' and cruisin' with your honey. After a few months (preferably years) you'll have even your apron off, gamboling in life's little pleasures.

I am lazy. And by lazy, I mean I am slowly adapting to Australia.

  • 2 pounds peaches
  • 4 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon yeast nutrients
  • 1/2 teaspoon pectic enzyme
  • 1/4 teaspoon tannin
  • 1 campden tablet
  • 12 cups water, boiling
  • 1 package wine yeast

I kidnapped this recipe off the internet and then changed it completely. I filled that jug up there entirely with water (after I steralized it with, well, hot water) and poured it in a pan with a pound of sugar. I boiled this and let it cool as I sliced peaches and chucked them into the jug. The original recipe asks you to put it in a muslin bag and mash it with your hands - forget it. Unnecessary. You can simply strain it later.

Pour water in jugs with peaches.

1 teaspoon yeast nutrients (which can be Vegemite, I found out after I spent a whole two dollars on the packet of yeast nutrients), 1 teaspoon pectic enzyme, 1 teaspoon tannin (or a cup of the leftover tea at the bottom of the kettle), and one camden tablet were thrown into the jug.

A day later I added some lemon juice and the wine yeast. I used a regular lid, not tightened properly. The gasses emitted from the jar should be fine to keep it sterilized, but tomorrow (when I'm less drunk) I will be grabbing an air lock for the container, which should let the gasses out and keep the nasties from coming in.

Test every two weeks. The longer you wait the dryer and more alcoholic it'll be. After the initial two weeks, strain and bottle. Wait more.

Voila, peach wine!

Next on the menu - making my man some beer. Want to really get into a man's heart? Go through his beer belly!

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