Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tight-Arse Tuesdays - Vaginas

I know this seems like avery odd topic for a cooking and domestic blog, but let's face it - we all want cheap and natural ways to care for our little lady. American healthcare is expensive, and you all know it. You're not getting a decent doctor's visit anytime soon and by george, you're itching to see one.

I have two incredibly helpful home remedies to help your box be top notch!

Yeast infections are annoying and sometimes incredibly painful. You itch and itch and itch and finally give in and spend seventeen dollars on an antibiotic ointment. Garlic, babies. Garlic is a wonderful healing aid for many things and can prevent yeast infections when ingested reguarly. however, I am not suggesting you ingest this one. That's right ladies, peel that sucker, cut notches into it and, if you're not very good at fishing, tie a string to it before you insert it directly into your goddess zone. I have to tell you now though, you will taste of garlic. I don't mean just your bits, but you will taste garlic in your own mouth. Keep a clove of garlic inside for 6 hours and change. Keep changing til infection is gone - around a day or two.

BV is smelly and itchy and painful. It's caused by an imbalance in the good bacterias of your vagina. Yogurt. I am saying you both eat, insert and apply this wonderful natural cream. Sugar free all natural plain yogurt - sugar is just going to buid up the yeast and the next thing you know you're making a garlic yogurt concoction. Use an old tampon applicator and get some yogurt in there. A spoonful will do you. If you don't like this option, buy some acidopholus pills and insert one of those instead. Apply yogurt topically to ease the itching and eat it do balance out your happy feelings.

If symptoms persist, DO see a doctor. If you get swelling, bumps or other issues associated with your infection, DO see a doctor. You might have something entirely different and vaginal health is incredibly important. We only have one, ladies! We gotta keep it healthy and safe. Use your best judgement. If you feel something is wrong, don't hesitate to spend the extra money to see someone.

But all in all, these two simple tips should help clear any casual case of vaginal distress and save you heaps of money on creams, lotions, pills and doctor's scripts.

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