Friday, March 19, 2010

Making Your Own Jewellery Branch

Originally, Kimberly and I agreed we wouldn't do projects as a feature on this blog...but since she won't get back to me about adding it as a feature now, she can get stuffed. (Love you Kimberly)

I'd been a bit of a sook lately because I wanted a really nice jewellery box. I have one, but it's incredibly tiny and did not keep my necklaces from turning into a tangle of tangles with tangles in it. Then I had an idea:

This project took maybe half an hour of my time, tops. I used the excuse of walking the dogs to find an appropriate stick and had a bucket of paint in my cabinent I had once given someone that they ended up not wanting. Their loss!

I got a nice dry dead tree, broke off the roots and bits of branch I didn't find attractive (this was actually a whole tree, not a branch, I ripped off the dead roots) and then laid newspapers down. Stirred the paint and painted the whole thing pink. I let it dry a couple hours while I prepared dinner. I was concerned when I attached it with bronze screws (all I had left) that it would show. I forgot the necklaces would cover it.

I measured where I wanted it and drew some dots in the branch and some on the wall. Using an electric drill I drilled all the holes necessary and then screwed it into the wall.

Now I don't need a new jewellery box, this cost me nothing, doesn't tangle my necklaces AND I can see what I like to take it off, right in front of the bathroom mirror! Since my bathroom is pink, much to my husband's distress, this matches perfectly with the decor.

Now to go off and drool over those delicious potatoes Kimberly posted yesterday!


  1. GENIUS. I'm so doing that! (And ...buh? I didn't know you were trying to get ahold of me! I sowwy.)

    Seriously though, I have a naturey, tree-driven decor in my bedroom already. I just have to mount this where the cats can't reach it and YAY, no more tangled necklaces! Currently they're all in a wad in my jewelry box... sigh. I know. Thanks for this idea!

  2. That's exactly where mine were! I still have a lump I need to untangle and put on the branch. I thought about spray painting it gold or silver as well. Also, I found a project for realistic looking paper flowers I'm thinking of attaching to it! I thought it might look cluttered but it doesn't! :)

  3. Elizabeth! I have tracked you down at last!!!! I put out a little shout out for you on the Nigella forum but no answer, so I am sooooo glad to see you again :) Hope you are well and enjoying life! How's your little puppy?
    Lauren (LaurenMcC from

  4. NIGELLA HAS A FORUM?! *faints*

    (Sorry, I'm a big Nigella fan, have been for years! There goes the last vestige of my free time...)

  5. Oh hi Lauren! Sorry about that. When I moved I just didn't really like the heavy moderating did. At one point I was going through a very hard time and the mods asked me to never bring it up, even in passing, because the Nigella forum was a happy place... so I kinda just faded away. I'm sorry. :(

  6. This is a fantastic idea... I need to do this! Thanks!

  7. Oh my goodness - that's terrible. You don't need to apologise. Now you come to mention it my shout-out to you was removed. Boooooooo :( Hope things are happier now? Loving this blog! Lots of love xxxxxxx

  8. Wow that's terrible I can't believe they took down your shout out! I didn't feel very welcome before buit I sure as figs don't now! :(

    Everything is much happier now. The rain has passed and it's very sunny. :) Getting married, planning things, having a good time. Thank you so much for worrying about me and looking me up. I'll add your blog under my favourites.