Saturday, March 27, 2010

Farm-Fresh Fridays: Pimp Mah Chikkun

I'm not one to have the best of everything. I'm not one to have the worst of anything. I am, however, one to have the most blinged of everything. So when I found my chickens needed a fresh happy new nesting box - I set to work.

First I grabbed some old paint. Yes, the same paint I used in the stick tutorial. What of it? Then I cut out the sides so the chickens could climb in. I painted two coats of pink paint on the box. Letting sit about half an hour to dry between coats.

Then I drew a design. And by drew, I mean, I stole one off the internet and changed it to look like a chicken.

I placed the design where I wanted on the box and then traced it in black pen. I filled in the parts I wanted filled with black ink.

Then, to give my chickens a more pirate booty rustic feel, I dabbed gold and bronze inkpads onto the box, paying careful attention to heaping it up on the edges. My pink pirate chickens are vintage, yo.

Then I added a trim. I kept tossing up between this one and a stretch hot pink lace, but I decided my chickens were edgier than that, man.

And there you have it - a simple cheap and easy custom nesting box for that pirate chicken in your coop!

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