Saturday, March 12, 2011


In an attempt to be edgy and cool and follow the sheeple (my friend hates this word so I purposefully used it, this'll test if he reads this or not) I have decided to get Nothing But An Apron a Twitter account!

Why Twitter?

Well, with today's modern woman needing to stay connected, it's important we realize that there are those who wish to do so via easy and simple means. Twitter will allow Nothing But An Apron to update you on upcoming projects, competitions, quick and easy tips you may not find here (as I remember them) and photos of different projects we're working on.

What can you expect from Nothing But An Apron in the coming months?

With the addition of Twitter, we will be including more posts on home repair and building as well as projects for the modern woman to use to make her house a home, a fortress or a castle. Or a piggery if you really want. There will be more focus on projects, products, health and fitness.

As a modern woman who is absolutely in love with vintage lifestyles as I know MANY other women are - it's hard to find that middle ground between wanting to wear pearls, petticoats and heels and being a powerful strong woman capable of maintaing a job, children, personal friendships, love, life and even, yes, her poor husband.

Nothing But An Apron is just what is sounds - a place for women (and men!) to take it all off, be stripped, be beautiful, be human - and still be a domestic god/dess.

We have plans for posts like: How to build your own chicken plucker, how to make a castile soap, how to dress appropriately for your figure (AND still get those awesome vintage finds to look fabuuuulous on you without feeling like you're in a costume in public!) and how to have basic modern principles combined with the desire to also have basic vintage principles.

Wear your pearls! Wear your petticoats! Build things with your bare hands! Dress sexy and feel great naked for the person you love! Fix computers! Get tattoos! Wire your OWN house! And most of all; follow us on twitter! or just check out our new sidebar!!

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