Thursday, March 17, 2011

What do I want to do today?

As women, we place ourselves in a position of responsibility over others and those we love with compassion and love. Sometimes, we forget who we are, what we love and where our hobbies went. In a fluff of children, school, planning events, going to work... our responsibilities pile onto our hard-working backs and we find ourselves losing our fucking minds. Yeah I said fuck, I wanted to.

Every time we start to run down, our nails ragged and our hair limp with stress (if there at all), our loved ones look at us and say "Why don't you do something for yourself?" Yeah, if only we could figure out what that was! Or when we'd find the time!

That's when I realized all I had to do was...ask myself. What do I want to do today? It's a simple question which can have a myriad of answers. It can range from complicated ("I want to go to Spain today") to easy ("I want to read a chapter of my book today") to downright impossible ("I want to read a chapter of my book today while the kids are asleep").

The point is not whether or not you can do the things you want to do - but the point is you can KNOW the things you want to do. If you don't know, you can never do them. Instead your life will be a cycle of doing what other people want you to do for them. Stop. Breathe. Ask yourself what you want to do today. Listen. Listen closely. Ask yourself more than once a day. Ask yourself four or five times a day. Your answer will change. Some of it you'll be able to do! Right then! Then after awhile you'll realize slowly but surely you're doing more and more things for you. In return, everyone is happier.

Sometimes it's hard to stop and be self-centered for a little while, but we all know it's important. Without a few personal acheivements daily, how can we expect to have the self-esteem to continue the rest of our lives in happiness?

What does Liz want to do today? Well, Liz wants to ride her pushbike to the park. So Liz is going to.

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