Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tight-Arse Tuesdays: How to Make Honeycomb!

I got this idea from this really awesome Australian blog, $120 Food Challenge where the woman who owns the blog is finding out how to feed her Australian family off $60 a week (quite a challenge in this country!). In it, she made honeycomb, which I have also made to chop into a homemade ice cream - if I can pry my fiance from the sugary mass in time. I have included a picture-by-picture demonstration on how to make it myself:

This is the time mise-en-place is incredibly important; have everything prepared and set aside in advance!!! You'll want: 1 tsp of bicarb, sifted twice, a prepared pan with wax paper that you've put a little extra grease on, some water, a pastry brush and a baking mitt.

In my pan I have put 250g of sugar and 250mL of water. I have placed it on a medium heat. Do not stir at this point. Wait until it starts to boil a little. If any sugar crystals form, dip the pastry brush in your water and stick it in the pot where the crystals have formed. I didn't end up with any so I skipped this step.

Once it has started boiling, whisk as much as possible. You want to incorporate as many bubbles as possible to make a nice holey honeycomb.

When it has reached this colour IMMEDIATELY take it off the fire with your oven mitt and keep whisking for a few seconds. Add the bicarb and whisk once more. The mixture will start to boil over the top (quickly!) so be prepared to suddenly dump all the honeycomb into the pan. It was so quick I didn't have time to take a photo with a prepared camera!
Wait 15 minutes. Don't touch it in this time. I did and mine flattened a little. Break up with a knife. ENJOY!

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