Friday, July 8, 2011

Insert Witty Title Here About Friday and Weekends and Updates

So - a whole heap is going on at the Main Headquarters (HeadQuarters?) of Nothing But An Apron that it's almost impossible to keep up. Except it's all happening to me, so if I don't keep up I'm a little screwed. Buggery.

First and foremost I booked a couple tickets to see Joel Salatin in Beerwah on the 5th of August, for any of you who have also planned to attend this full day workshop. As I was booking the tickets I noticed the cutest sentence ever, "If you are coming to this workshop as someone who produces the kind of food products that this workshop is all about, you are welcome to bring some of your produce along for others to try." And I thought to myself, "Wow, I'm coming to that workshop! Wow, I'm someone who produces food this workshop is all about! And wow, I can bring my produce along for others to try!"

So now you, too, can be the lucky taster of Nothing But An Apron cookery as well as get a good stern talkin' to by Joel Salatin. It's like two gifts in one!

This picture has nothing to do with what I'm saying but nobody reads blogs without pictures.

As an added bonus it looks like we might be getting local flour here in our kitchen very very soon. Which means our pastas, raviolis, pies, and other floury goods will be 100% Brisbane local. Awesome. Screw this 'Made in Australia' (Packaged in China) honkey - you won't be able to get fresher than that. Just imagine how bread made of local flour will taste! Nice fresh wheat. Yumm-o!

So, citrus is still in season and I've got over five litres of gorgeous indian pickle coming into deliciousness which will be selling at markets for $6 for a 250mL jar. This pickle is special because it uses all types of local lemons - including our native bush lemon. Those buggers have thorns so picking them isn't easy, which is why they're not a more marketable crop. Plus they have slightly thicker skins which means the pickle takes longer to soften the rind - which again means lost money in bigger agricultural ventures. However this translates to you being able to get it from me. Sweet. Well, spicy actually.

The chickens here at HQ (I have always wanted to call it that - River Cottage is going to sue me) have been going on strike but managing to lay *just* enough to keep my cooking afloat. It's like they're saying "*bok you*" to our personal larder though. I'm not sure if chickens can even be malicious like that but they also eat chicken, so who can trust them? I think a goose is making a nest but in the tiniest spot it's never going to fit into ever. Yet - pile of goose feathers. Remember these are the same birds that start screaming because they lost each other around the effing corner of the house. For real.

Winter means it's been extra nice for roasts, what with getting 10kg of potatoes the other day (right from the farmer, who was plowing the field as we arrived). Chickens broke into the veggie patch once more and eaten all my ripe tomatoes because if they're going to stop giving me eggs, they're going to take my tomatoes with them. Australian Brekky is looking decidedly unbalanced.

All in all it's been a fantastic week - lots of new recipes to write down for our upcoming cookbook. Lots of teasers being written up for you to try from our blog. Lots of public appearances and tastings planned for the near future. Plus, we have cake.

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