Saturday, July 16, 2011

Henrieta is a Cockrieta or How To Not Buy Poultry or How Many Jokes About Cock Can I Make In One Post?

Long have I wanted a beautiful fat white sussex hen to lay my eggs. I daydreamed longingly to my husband, "Oh wouldn't it be nice to have a beautiful fat white sussex hen to lay my eggs?" So he bought me one. I loved her from day one! I named her Henrieta because that's so passe it's cool (in my world, anyway).

Henrieta is a cock. A cockameme cock. A cock-a-doodle-do. A wing. A wang. A cock.

Henrieta is crowing. Now, see, where we lave we have these limit things and well, my limit is two little tiny roosterlets, one of which I named Princess, because he is. His favourite things are purple and running from bugs. Princess. He is a he. Henrieta is not a she. Thus, we have to choose between two very big long fat cockameme choices. To pull out or to give her up for adoption.

We chose to leave before it was too late and the rooster made damn sure we weren't welcome back. I love my little Henrieta, what can I say? She's the best damn cock I've ever had. She doesn't attack or try to spur you. Plus, she's half white and half black and you know what they say about that? She's purebred.

So now our little cute $30 laying hen has turned into a $1200 moving trip, provided we stay around what we want to spend for our new place - but it's not looking like it. Remember, I need a commercial kitchen. (Or at least commercial-able) That makes houses with land in my pricerange a tad scarce.

So, thank you Henrieta, for being such a cock.


  1. Have you considered turning a container into a commercial kitchen?

    I have thought often about that. My mate Warren says it can be done easily and would be a nice place - especially if there was a rooftop eating area, skylights and built-in bookshelves.

    I think he realises I might never leave the commercial kitchen container. Hmmm.....

    As for sexing chickens. Except for bantams, most chicks, when day old, will have feathers at the bottom of their wee little wings. If you pull the wing straight, a hen will have her feathers all lined up neatly in a row. The cocks feathers will be jagged as if cut by pinking shears. This will give you about 98% accuracy with most breeds.

  2. Yes, actually! We were going to turn a caravan into a commercial kitchen but since the caravan is still in pieces, we were going to put it in a shed for now.

    The only problem was with Henrieta, I bought her from a man as a 'pullet'! She is no pullet!