Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Fry An Egg

I knew I could never compete with Smitten Kitten's How to Poach An Egg.  I mean, really, who can?  It's great!  However, I know I can fry an egg, so we'll do that!

First  start by cracking your egg.  I know this already sounds so complicated!  The best way to crack an egg is on a flat surface.  Trying to stab it with a bowl or table just invites little shell shards into your beautiful egg.  Did you crack it?  Did you?  Well done!

I put my eggs in a china teacup so I can pretend I'm ballin'.
Place egg in a cup.

Heat your pan on a medium low heat.  The key to eggs is to be gentle, like you're holding a baby.  A really really hot baby on a fire.

Swirl about a tablespoon of butter all around the pan.

 Theoretically you can use any oil but I prefer butter for the flavour and the fact you can tell when a pan is the perfect temperature by when it's stops bubbling. 

Like this!

Pour your eggs gently into your pan.  Remember, a baby. 

F*ck you, bye!
 For some reason my egg yolk decided to leave my pan without the rest of egg.  No worry, we can fix this!

Wait until the white of your egg has cooked slightly and nudge your egg to the edge of the pan.

Flip it slightly so the white is cooked by the edge of the pan and that pesky runaway yolk is trapped.

Let the edge of your pan finish cooking your egg, removing it off the heat after a few seconds.

 Serve on a plate and garnish with chopped herbs to make yourself feel super fancy.

Don't feel bad, he was an asshole.

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