Friday, May 21, 2010

How Udderly Nutty

Damn hippies have got me at it again. I have decided to post a recipe for nut and seed milk. Nut and seed milk is considered to be an extremely protein-rich and healthy alternative to cow's milk. Great for that lactose intolerant hooligan in your family. It takes roughly 2 cups of seeds and nuts to make 1.5l of milk. Oh and you can make flour from the dredges. Bonus.

Place 6 cups of water and 2 cups almonds in a blender. Or hazlenuts. Or walnuts. Or pecans. Mmmm... macadamias. What? Oh, yes, sorry. Let them sit for about 3 hours and soak the flavours nicely. Blitz. Strain. Put milk back in blender and dredgy nut paste in the dehydrator. Add honey/agave nectar/sugar/2 dates/sweet fancy into the blender. Blitz again. Store up to one week.

Dry pasty chunky nut bits in dehydrator until perfectly dry, about 6 hours. Blitz in blender. Almond meal. Or hazlenut. Or walnut. Or pecan... or macadamias..mmmmm. Almost tasty enough to make me like you dam raw vegan hippies.*

*not really, I still hate you.


  1. What can you use Almond Meal for? Can it replace flour?

  2. Yes! Almond meal can replace flour in many many dishes, including cakes and brownies!

  3. I'll be forwarding a link to this to my raw vegan friends in Arizona. (Hi, Elizabeth, I'm the same JonMc from the recently disbanded Food Forum.)