Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Real Food Companion

You would think this book alone would be enough for me to write a raving review of it, but it's not the only reason I must spend this Wednesday trying to sell you something I love instead of writing a recipe or a whimsical domestic tip. It's not the only reason to purchase this book.

This book, in it's near four hundred pages, is probably the best cookbook for the money you could buy if you're into real homegrown homemade down to earth food. Basically, if you're a reader of this blog. With recipes for basic chicken stocks and classic Italian dishes from grandmother's memories, you will not be disappointed in the array for any diet in this book.

Not content with mere recipes, Matthew Evans discusses in great length the proper ways to kill animals, the proper ways to eat them and even the proper ways to grow them. If that weren't enough, he also talks about the best places within Australia and the world to get the ingredients for the most fabulous fresh dishes you can create.

If I haven't made Matthew Evans sound like a wonderful author and chef already, I must add this small thing he did that just blew me away. When I missed his arrival into my town this week I had been looking forward to, I emailed his website in distress. Expecting nothing or an employee-written reply, I was not prepared for a self-written email addressing all my questions with a friendly and welcoming demeanor. Yes, that's right, he wrote me back:

G'day Elizabeth,

so sorry to miss you in Brissie.

It was a very brief trip, as most are away from the farm. Animals are very unforgiving.

I am just finishing my book tour in South Australia this weekend, then spending quite a bit of time at home re-doing the pig paddocks and all that kind of outdoorsy stuff.

Love to sign your book, but it is probably only possible by mail at this stage. I could sell you one and send it, but since you already have the book it would cost twice in postage. A 3kg express post bag will cost a shade under $12 so you could mail it to me with an addressed envelope inside, though that does seem excessive. Happy to do it though. You could always plan a holiday to Tassie and come to our market stall....

I believe Avid are putting some footage on the web, somewhere, if you want to see what we talked about.

best Matthew

So not only is Matthew Evans a fair-trade fair-growing excellent master chef with a myriad of delicious recipes, he is also a down-to-earth sort of fellow you can't help but find yourself loving over and over again. If you buy any cookbook this year, I fully recommend purchasing The Real Food Companion.

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  1. I loved his show and really want his book. How nice is he to answer your questions personally.